Always a Learning Experience

September 24th, 2009 doug No comments

Trying to improve on the vanilla bean cheesecake bars, I decided to put a layer of vanilla bean mousse, but that wasn’t good enough, so I made white chocolate vanilla and was impatient so I ended up with soggy & weeping vanilla bean cookie bars. Tasted almost good, but soggy. The mousse was way to sweet for the bars. I think that the next attempt should include fruit.

The good news is that ‘the great steak recipe’ from cook’s illustrated was another success. Over labor day used the recipe on delmonico’s and they were delish. This past weekend used some other cut, but I didn’t trim off the extra fat that caused flare ups and they were slightly charred on the outside. Still tasty.

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She Sings Short and Sweet

September 13th, 2009 doug No comments

Well, here is what I learned — when doubling the recipe, double the crust for two reasons. The first is for ease of removing from the pan. Even though the bars were right out of the fridge after a night siesta, they cracked and broke when lifting the parchment paper lining the pan.
vanilla cookie bars
The second and most important is that the flavor is in the shortbread crust. Less crust is less flavor and less unique taste.

So the fat lady sang short, sweet and said “follow the recipe”.

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The Fat Lady of Dinner is Dessert

September 12th, 2009 doug No comments

No matter what the meal, nor how it turns out, the fat lady of dinner is dessert. Recently I started making Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bars with much appreciation. First attempt was stock recipe in 9×13. Nice, but that results in a 1/4″ crust and a bit much for me. Second attempt, 1 vanilla bean in shortcake, 2 vanilla beans in cheesecake, double the recipe, heavy cream, 1/2 ‘light’ cream cheese and cook in an 11×15. Now known as the official dessert of 2009 Patty Party. Trying again tonight, only made 1 shortcake recipe and double cheesecake. Getting the shortcake evenly spread out in the 11×15 is crucial — I’ll have a couple of burn spots this time. And it sure seems like it is much puffier — I’ll know better once it comes out of the pan. My plan is to cut into 1/2 by almost 3 and pair with brownies cut the same way. My co-workers appreciate me since they get my experiments. Lets see how the pictures turn out. But for now, into the fridge. Pictures tomorrow.

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Upgrade Your Skills

September 10th, 2009 doug No comments

I tried this technique…Proper Knife Use…different, but feels better. I’m sure that the knife makes a big difference too. Just using Pampered Chef knives at this point — one day I’ll have a real set.

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The day it all began

September 9th, 2009 doug No comments

Was Today!

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